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Would you agree that to generate Abundance and/ or cash-flow we need business or a job?

Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Business School, For People who like helping People” writes about 11 ways to become rich. The one that he recommend the most and elaborates about in his book is Network Marketing. – Building a Network -

Maybe you have your own small or big Business or are part of a Network Marketing Company or are considering any of these options.

May I ask you some question?

Would it make a difference if  you could  attract customers, client and/or propects to you?

Have you enjoyed approaching people to find out whether they want to do business with you?

Are you in Network Marketing and do you like to call your friends and family to ’share’ your opportunity or products?

Would you like to help other people to create  more Abundance and Cash Flow while you create your own?

Attraction Marketing is a way where people, who are interested in what you have to offer, approach you.


Here are the steps:

  1. You provide free information online which is of value to people.
  2. People read your information.
  3. People get to know you.
  4. People contact you.
  5. You provide them with more information.
  6. A relationship develops and people like you and what you have to offer.
  7. People want what you offer.

You may say:

  1. ” That sounds great, but Step 1. means I have to do things on line? I hardly manage to send an email?”
  2. “I can send emails and browse the net, but how do I supply info online? Isn’t that techno stuff and expensive?”
  3. “I can use Facebook and Youtube for entertainment. Don’t I need a Website to get set up, that costs money and I don’t know how to do that?”
  4. “I have got a Website and not much is happening on it, and I am paying someone to maintain my site, how can I do more and what does it cost?”

Let me reassure you there is a way do this for free and/or a low cost and with click by click guidance which even a beginner in the computer/internet world can follow.

Contact me if you want any help with setting up your blog.

  4 Responses to “Attraction Marketing”

  1. Hi Yorinda!

    Yes, attraction marketing is the way we do business today online and off-line.
    These easy and simple step by step guide explained above is the core of this concept.
    I encourage everyone who reads this post to learn more about attraction marketing and if needed go and get the advise Yorinda offers…!

    Thx again for sharing these simple list with us.

    All the best,

    Alexander Paul recently posted…An Online Tribe… What is thatMy Profile

  2. This is great how you are helping people get their content out online with blogs and other social networking!

  3. Hi Andy,

    thank you for your comment.

    I love helping people to get their head around this maze of internet marketing.
    As I am helping them to do things on Facebook or Twitter I understand more about how complicated it can all seem, when we don’t understand the way it all works.

    To Your Success,
    Yorinda recently posted…How to Install LoveMy Profile

  4. Hi Yorinda. This is such a concise article – I think that anyone who needs to add a blog to their marketing plan would do well to consult with you on how to do it. It is so worthwhile to get help. I’ve had several coaches that have helped me move forward much more quickly than I would have otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss Leslie

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