Passive Income


 Residual/Passive Income

Do you work and get paid for the hours you work or for the contract you are doing?

This would mean your hours equal x amount of dollars.

If you would stop working the dollars would stop too?

Residual or Passive Income means you or your team members do the work once

and you keep getting paid.

How does that work?

Since the products are consumable, i.e. food, personal care products, people usually order them every month.

The products have points attached to them, which automatically get credited to you, when people in your team, or your customers buy them.

The ordering, payment and shipping is all taken care of by the company.

When the balance of the points adds up to a check you get paid that week. If they don’t add up to a check they stay (up to 5000 points per side) until they do – as long as you stay commission eligible.

Since your team members want to be commission eligible the buy their 100 points worth of products every month which add up as points for you.

 So, you do the ‘work’ by

  • helping people to the opportunity of financial freedom by starting their own (home)business
  • helping people with their well being by signing up (for free) as customers

The points from their purchases get credited to you each time they buy products.

So, what happens when one/or more of your team member helps someone to start their business opportunity, or signs up a customer that buys products?

Your team members and YOU get the points accredited which is the leveraged part of income I will address next.

If you thought that passive Income sounds good
then may also like the sound of Leveraged Income.

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  2 Responses to “Passive Income”

  1. Hi Jorinde,
    a great description of what network marketing is about. If people like it or not: There’s no denying the fact that the most suitable network marketing products are consumable products.
    Take care

  2. Passive income is very nice whether it is network marketing, real estate investing, or owning a business with continual income!

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