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What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieveWhat do you believe you can achieve?

Do you believe that you can have

what you want?

The Abundance,

The Financial Freedom,

Well Being,

The Time of Your Life?

Do you spent time everyday to program your mind?

Our old thinking habits have created synapses in our brain and the threshold for the neurons to fire across these synapses has been significantly reduced.
When you want to introduce new habits of thinking, daily repetition is needed to create new neural pathways and lower the threshold.

You can have what you want, when you believe.

You are a magnet – Yes –

You magnetize what you focus on consciously or subconsciously.

To increase our belief we can use daily affirmations and vision boards, etc.

One way to get what we want is to help others.

When you help others to have what they want, you get what you want.

Business is one area this principle is at work. As you serve others you reap the benefits.

A win-win situation!

What if those benefits would be 100% on top of what they usually are?
What if you could get paid 100% for 32 weeks of what someone earns as well as what you would be getting anyway,
because you helped that person to more success and money.
What if you could do this with as many people you helped to be successful?
And they can do the same, which in turn will benefit you again.

Do you want to know how this works? Read about it in my article.

Here are some more questions:

  • Do you get paid $ per hours you work?
  • Are you running a business = service/products = $$

Employers and employees , stock, etc?

  • Are your products/services consumables = repeat order = passive/residual income?
  • Do you get leveraged income = $ for the time other people and their people work?
  • Can you eat your overheads?

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  52 Responses to “Believe and achieve abundance”

  1. Hi Yorinda, This is a really great post. Not too many people actually follow these steps. I have been involved with a mastermind group now online for over two years. We are studying Think and Grow Rich. You CAN absolutely have what you want with FAITH and belief as you have mentioned. Daily visualizing what you want and doing what it takes to get what you want. I believe God has given us this ability and has stressed many times for us to use our faith and believe.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Darlene Mills recently posted…Give Yourself Permission to Be a WinnerMy Profile

  2. Hi Yorinda,

    The “Law of Attraction” and power of positive thinking are keys to living a life full of abundance.

    Re-programming ourselves to keeping our thoughts on what we want , truly believing it’s attainable and putting forth the appropriate action steps to make it happen are what most successful people teach others.

    Thanks for the article!

    In Success,
    Howie Perks

  3. Hi Yorinda,

    Great article! I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction and since I have been putting it to use, my life has become full of possibility and I somehow ended up living my dream life! I even use the same mentality when training my dogs… I decide how they will react in a certain situation, I see it happen and some how the dogs pick up on it… I actually got that tip from Cesar Millan!!! Quite important when dealing with powerful animals!

    It takes a lot of self awareness but it’s worth the effort 100 times over!

    Being of service to others I see as the key as well as gratitude.

    Thanks Yorinda!

    Emma :-)
    Emma recently posted…Song ThrushMy Profile

  4. Hey Yorinda,

    Thanks for a great article. I particularly like how you explain about the neural networks and affirmations. Many people just say “use affirmations,” but they don’t say why. I appreciate your explanation and the reminder that we create our reality.

    Monick Halm recently posted…Ohno- Oreos &amp BrandMy Profile

  5. I’m a big believer of positive thinking, there’s really no point dwelling on the negatives in life, or everything will just spiral out of control!

    Take the bull by the horns and make your life awesome!!
    Elle Billias recently posted…The Secrets Of The Network Marketing Top EarnersMy Profile

  6. Yorinda, there are many cliches about affirmation and intention . . . and I happen to believe them all, beginning with You Are What You Think About. We all have so much power to accomplish what we want, and if we all believed this, everyone would be happier and more fulfilled.

  7. Yorinda,

    We too believe that through our thoughts we attract the people, situations and abundance/scarcity into our lives. And yes we need to change our thoughts to change our habits and in turn, our lives. Thanks so much for the great insight and gentle reminder to pay attention to our thoughts and focus on those that bring us closer to abundance.

    ~ Pat and Lorna
    Pat and Lorna Shanks recently posted…To Connect With Your Social Network Relationships… Pay Attention!My Profile

  8. I agree that your thoughts create your opportunity. The online world is amazing in that you can create an income stream without getting paid by the hour. You can make money online while you are asleep, on vacation or do anything else. This means that your income level can increase much faster than most people can achieve offline. But your thinking needs to grasp this concept. Your point is well taken.
    Karin recently posted…7 Facebook promotion strategiesMy Profile

  9. Hi Yorinda,

    Great post :) You said, “To increase our belief we can use daily affirmations and vision boards, etc.”. Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” calls these action forms of AutoSuggestion.

    Some of my favorite forms of autosuggestion are:
    1. Saying my self-talk 400-500 times per day
    2. Making and using MindMovies (like a dream board on steriods)
    3. Using hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious mind

    I a lots of examples of Autosuggestion on my site. Just Click on the Link below :)

    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy
    David Paul recently posted…How to Use Hypnosis for AutosuggestionMy Profile

    • Hi Yorinda,

      You asked, “wow saying affirmations 400 -500 times, I have to give that a go. Do you count them? Do you have much time for anything else? I am sure you do. Do you spread it over the day, I assume you would?”

      My answer: It actually take about 1 to 1.5 hours non-stop to say my self-talk 500 times, but I choose to do it over the course of my entire day, and Yes I counted at first, but now I just know how many times I’m doing it, because it is built into my routine (50 times at the stop light on 25 Ave, 20 times while I’m on the commode, 200 times while I’m in the shower, etc.)

      Take Care,

      David Paul recently posted…How to Uncover the Follow Your Bliss MindsetMy Profile

  10. Yorinda,

    I agree that your thoughts have everything to do with your opportunities.

    “You magnetize what you focus on consciously or subconsciously.” is so true and it affects every aspect of your life. I was aware of the conscious part early on the it took me a while to realize that also magnetize what I’m subconsciously focusing on!

    My life changed a lot when I uncovered some of those subconscious beliefs that were holding me back.

    It has been an amazing ride and truly enjoyable as well.

    Great article – thank you!

    Lori Mooney recently posted…Tony Robbins Says- “Make Small Changes – Get BIG Results”My Profile

  11. Yorinda,

    Great post, I do believe we attract all things with our thoughts good or bad and we should always make sure that what we want is not in the lack category. So many of us focus on what we do not have so more of that just keeps showing up. Paying very close attention to our thoughts can change our lives if we allow it to.


  12. Yorinda,

    Thanks for a great post! Yes, I agree, the power of the mind is what moves us forward to create the life that we deserve. Of course, FIRST we have to feel deserving of that life! As you (and Hill) say, we must hold it in our mind and believe it!

    Right now, I’m reorganizing my thoughts and setting up more structure for me to accomplish the many things I wish to do. Without the structure, I’m feeling like I’m spinning my wheels and I want to be more focused.

    Great share, thanks again,

  13. Hi Yorinda,
    I love and agree whole-heartedly with your post and it fits so well into the book I’m reading now – Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy. He talks so much about how we need to recondition ourselves by repeated daily visualization and affirmations and more. Like you said, it takes daily repetition of a new positive habit so that your subconscious mind can follow the new pathway.

    It is so fantastic that we can change our past thoughts and conditioning so that we can become the person of abundance and prosperity that we believe and know we can be. I like to say I know something to be true in addition to believing it to be true. This comes from Wallace Wattles. Knowing is stronger than believing.

    Thanks for your well-written and encouraging words!

    Dawn and (Dave)
    Dave and Dawn Cook recently posted…Phishing- SMishing &amp VishingMy Profile

  14. Hi Yorinda,

    Isn’t absolutely amazing how we can influence our state of being, our health and overall life just by using the brain that we all have…don’t have to buy it, we just have it. The trick is to get it working for us all the time, in spite of external events (and our lovely ego). Thanks for the post. ~ Linnea

    • Hi Linnea,

      I agree, it is amazing our brain is free and at our disposal all day long.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if we would use it in a way that would create a more enjoyable life.

      Thanks for commenting.

  15. Great post! I am always amazed at the power of the mind to create health and disease. Great book selections as well. Thanks!

  16. Hi Yorinda, powerful post. I’ve been re programming my mind for many years. Removing as many negative thought patterns as I can so I have positive thoughts in my mind.

    Recently I’ve been practising The Power of Now by Echart Tolle where I stop thinking altogether. It’s a bit strange at first but practising the art of no mind is very powerful! It allows me to be much more creative. I think when I need to but I don’t allow my mind to run the show :-)

    Speak soon,
    Gavin Mountford recently posted…How To Use Routines To Save You Time In Your Life &amp Business – Part 1My Profile

  17. Great post Yorinda! Creating positive programs with our mind is so valuable. So often our mind tries to control our emotions and actions. If there’s something emotional going on that can interfere with my day, I put a stop to it immediately I recognize it; it’s so important to just say “that’s enough” so I can get on with being positive and productive and keep my thoughts on things that matter on this wonderful planet. Blessings, Loren

  18. I absolutely spend time everyday meditating and programming my mind. I follow this meditation program that also had me recorded my affirmations so it plays (in my subconscious) through the meditation CD. Along with the 1 hour a day meditation, I also have this floating CD that I listen to while sleeping to reinforce my affirmations during my sleep. — Cherrie D. Bautista
    Young And Fabulous recently posted…Heart Intelligence Vs Mind IntelligenceMy Profile

  19. The whole crux of the matter is that we are Magnetic beings ~ we get what we give our attention to.

    Creating your own self talk, your affirmations, your Labels, and not, as Gavin said, ‘letting your mind run the show’, is pivotal to success in any sphere of life.
    And all these tips and tricks on how to give our constant attention to the Right stuff ~ both in the post itself and all the comments ~ have given me some ideas to tweak my own practices and for that I thank you.

    the goddess known as Jacqui
    Jacqueline Gates recently posted…The Power of LabelsMy Profile

  20. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post.

    I do find that vision boards and daily affirmations really help me to keep my mind focused on my goals.

    I have quite a cool iPhone app that reminds me of the affirmations as soon as I wake up.

    Thanks again!

    Aidan Gibson :)
    Aidan Gibson recently posted…Why I Use HootsuiteMy Profile

  21. Yorinda,
    It is so true that we need to re-program our mind to believe and to retain the belief that we can and will succeed. We need to repeat the thoughts, the affirmations, the actions that reinforce that belief. It helps to surround ourself with people who will remind us and people who are already thinking and believing that way.
    We need to strengthen our new beliefs until they become so strong that we actually do become a magnet for the success we desire.
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…Intentional LoveMy Profile

  22. Great post Yorinda. Thanks for the great reminders on how to program your mind… What you think about, you bring about as the saying goes.
    Juniper Currie recently posted…How does your blog score Check out this FREE ToolMy Profile

  23. Very interesting concepts here and some great replies ( 20 times on the commode? OK David!) but I do believe thoughts are things and so are words they impact as well. So when we combine thoughts and words even more powerful!

    Steve Shoemaker recently posted…Cool Facebook Tricks- How To Use The New Picture Feature To AdvertiseMy Profile

  24. Yorinda,

    Nice post on the mind and belief. Everything starts with a plan and it does take the right mindset to put that in place, alter and make changes as needed. Taking small victories as they come grows that belief. Continued daily consistent mind work and action.

    You’ve laid it out there for all of us to remember and keep in place.

    Mike Sweeney – TSA

  25. What you think about comes about… the power of our mind is so great. Like a magnet of what we think of today. Thank you for sharing this and remind us of what power we have within us to live the life we were born to live.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    The GREAT Edward!
    The GREAT Edward recently posted…Share Your DREAM Friday – With Special Guest Dreamer Samantha Kerik!My Profile

  26. Hi Yorinda! Great post! Nice connecting with you here and in the TSA, and congrats on earning #1 commentor honours. You can call it the Law of Attraction, Viral Marketing, or Word of Mouth Advertising…like the GREAT Edward said; “what you think about comes about.” No one cared about Bill Clinton, Obama, or Palin until people started sharing info about them. We all have great power to influence people…just remember the quote from the Spider Man movie; with great power comes great responsibility!”

    Looking forward to visiting your site and learning more from you.
    Roland Bonay recently posted…Simple Article Writing Tutorial Helps You Build Traffic And Promote Your SiteMy Profile

  27. You are so right! Daily repetition is so key to creating new thought patterns. When a person has gone for over 50 years not purposing to control what they think about, there is a lot of poison going on in the brain.
    Self talk or auto suggestion needs to take place to program our mind to think right! And we need to be on our toes to nix those destructive thoughts when we first recognize them.
    Lynn Jones recently posted…Fishing for Prospects in Your Network Marketing OpportunityMy Profile

  28. Yorinda,

    Great post, I have always believed that what ever you believe you can achieve. Our mind is a funny creature it actually believes anything that you tell it. How wonderful is that?

    Lori Robertson recently posted…I Am So Tired Of Failing I Am Ready To Quit!My Profile

  29. Hi Yorinda
    Wow. You certainly make us feel great…I totally agree…we can achieve anything if we truly believe we can. I remember attending a Tony Robbins seminar where he introduced me to ” I AM THE VOICE” and gave us an incantation…which worked incredibly well for me at the time.

    Your post has encouraged me to begin again!

    Thank you

    peter chapman recently posted…Blogging to MLM SuccessMy Profile

  30. Yorinda,

    Wonderful post and it is all so true. Most things are in our minds and it take reprogramming for better future outcomes. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you are right” – Henry Ford I love that quote.

    Thank you for sharing and reinforcing the positive.

    Committed To Your Success!
    Dave and Dawn recently posted…Deter- Detect- Defend Identity TheftMy Profile

  31. Thanks so much for this. Being ordered and following steps are things that help me. I believe now I’ll succeed

  32. Hi Yorinda,

    Not only is this a very good post, the conversation within the comments is exceptional! I’ll add my voice to the consensus that believing, visualizing, affirmations and vision boards all work to help you reach your destination. I wholeheartedly agree that helping others attain success benefits you in more ways than you might imagine. I’ve used self-hypnosis for many years and I find it works very well, too. I’ve stopped headaches, planted seeds of ideas that turn into spectacular results, and exchanged bad habits for good ones. I also like to “sleep on it” when I need to make a big decision or write something powerful. That’s just suggesting to your self to work on it while you sleep. All of this is very interesting and exciting!
    Deb Augur recently posted…To Thank Or Not To Thank rttyMy Profile

  33. Thank you for sharing these nuggets Yorinda!

    We all have software (beliefs) in our computer (brain), we are the programmer choosing the thoughts we want to install. Over time the software gets installed good or bad. When we are aware we can choose that’s where the power is.

    Having coached entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and service professionals, the key is to stop charging based on an hourly rate or on cost and start charging based on the value we bring for our clients. This is the AHA to make in order to be paid generously.

    To Your Genius,

    Eiji Morishita recently posted…55 Wisdom Quotes Martin Luther King JrMy Profile

  34. Hi Yorinda,
    Wow, your website has changed a lot since I visited you last! Looking good!
    Isn’t it great that we can BE, DO, HAVE anything that we want! And you have discussed many of
    the ways we can go about doing just that. Thanks for all of these great tips.
    Linda Thomas recently posted…PeopleString&8211Live On BloombergMy Profile

  35. Yorinda,
    You’ve really hit all the key points to making shifts in your mindset here. Continually supporting your new thoughts with vision boards, affirmations, positive people all help create the life you desire. Love it,
    Val ;)
    Val Wilcox recently posted…Visualize Your Compelling DesireMy Profile

  36. You put things into perspective. Great, valuable post. I have to admit I don’t care for your blog theme/layout very much though. Keep up with providing that valuable “stuff” ;-)

    Curt :-)
    Curt Bizelli recently posted…You Are Selfish- Deal With It!My Profile

  37. Hey Yorinda,

    I do believe that you have to re-train your brain to start thinking or attracting what you want. I like how you went into detail of why that is. I try to listen to affirmations on my ipod before I go to bed every night. 20 some years of bad programming can take a while to undo.
    Ryan Martin recently posted…How To Be Productive With Your 24 HoursMy Profile

  38. Hi Yorinda,

    Great post and really applicable to me right now.

    I am on the verge of launching my new product and I keep getting messages that the key to success with this is unstoppable belief in myelf and what I have to offer. Feels like the universe is asking to step up a couple more notches. It is all very exciting and I couldn’t ahve read this post at a better time.

    Thank you!
    John Gaydon recently posted…A Lesson Well LearntMy Profile

  39. Hey Yorinda,

    Awesome advice. Loved this post. You talked about what you believe you can achieve with the right mindset. Your mind is a power machine that needs to be programmed.

    You further talk about helping others will also help yourself. You quote,”When you help others to have what they want, you get what you want. Business is one area this principle is at work. As you serve others you reap the benefits.A win-win situation!”

    You are completely right and this was my take home message. Cant wait for next post.

    Have a good one,
    Taralee Bernier
    Arthur and Taralee Bernier recently posted…The Unauthorized Biography of Jonathan Budd The Unstoppable SeriesMy Profile

  40. Hey Yorinda,

    How are you, I love the saying what the mind can conceive, the mid can achieve. It is so true and it is sad that this mantra isn’t instilled in us as Children, image the world if this happened.

    Thank you for the gentle reminder of everything I already believe in.

    Beth :)
    Beth Hewitt recently posted…Communicating with you Network Marketing TeamMy Profile

  41. What a great article my friend; I agree with you completely that the power of the human mind is absolutely amazing. And with it we can achieve anything if we truly believe that we can. The power of thoughts, and positive affirmations, can greatly improve the actions we take that reinforce that belief.

    Thanks again Yorinda for sharing this great post my friend.

  42. Hey Yorinda,

    Awesome post on how your thoughts are things! I have always loved positive affirmations and they have been a part of my life for several years now.

    It’s like the great Napoleon Hill once said “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

    Thanks for sharing this Yorinda
    Kevin DeRoo recently posted…Top WordPress Plugins Part 2My Profile

  43. Hi Yorinda,
    I “program” my mind daily. Listening to Abraham Hicks, or other motivational CDs… The only thing that really stops people in their tracks is their self-talk. So important to change it.
    Lesly Federici recently posted…Morphing – It’s a Beautiful WordMy Profile

  44. “Magnetize what you focus on!” I love hearing this. And it’s so true. The more I focus on happiness the more I get in my life. The more I focus on peace of mind the more that comes to me. More and more people are catching on to this idea. Thanks for spreading the word in your circle of influence.
    Teresa Ivory recently posted…Success Stories- Karen Woolfall- Following Her DreamsMy Profile

  45. Well done Yorinda, great post!

    Love the ‘you magnetize what you focus on consciously or subconsciously’. This was the bit I didn’t realise at first. Difficult to explain sometimes to people that when they focus on and complain about something, they are actualy attracting it into their life.

    Thanks for sharing.


  46. I so agree with the statement you are what you focus on. This is a great post.Very uplifting…Thanks!
    Beverly Monical recently posted…Blog Questions From Baby BevMy Profile

  47. Hi Yorinda,
    Wow,your post is full of positivity:)
    Yes,I really believe that we can live a happy,abundant,fullfilled and healthy life.I am sure that all we have this power but we have to work on ourselves so that our whole spirit can radiate these states.Affirmations and vizualizations are great and really helpful..they change your feelings and focus.Perhaps,helping others is the best day to live your life.And I’ll do that for the rest of my life..little by little,day by day:Growing and developing my skills to help help others.
    Thank you so much for this post.

    Have an abundant day ahead,
    Radu Dascalul recently posted…7 traffic sources for your MLM blogMy Profile

  48. Hi Yorinda,
    You are so right, and these days with so much negativity and excuses around this becomes even more powerful because of the increase in the gap between positive and negative.
    Thanks for the reminder,
    Nik recently posted…BBC News – Further TJ Hughes store closures confirmedMy Profile

  49. Hello Yorinda

    You have shared life changing information in this article. In regards to introducing new habits of thinking I read an article that says the more new things we try — the more we step outside our comfort zone — the more inherently creative we become, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. The results of choosing to add new habits and changing our thinking will be increased belief. James Allen wrote, “The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs.”


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City
    Perry Davis recently posted…Network Marketers! What is your most important tool?My Profile

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