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Chia-SeedsChia seeds have many benefits as well as being packed with nutrients.

The Aztecs called it their ‘running food’ since they could run all day on just a handful of chia seeds.

This tiny seed absorb up to ten times their weight in water.

It is recommended to soak them first.

Here are some of the results for Chia Seeds from research:

  • Balancing bloodsugar levels
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Aiding digestions/bowel health
  • Weight loss
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • and many more

“Chia seeds have been shown to have:

6 times more calcium than whole milk

15 times more magnesium than broccoli

3 times more antioxidant capacity than fresh blueberries

3 times more iron than spinach

2 times more potassium than bananas

High in Fibre/More fibre than flaxseed

More protein than beans, soy, or peas”

From Bio Distributors on Chia (not an affiliate link)

For Recipes and more information:

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Here is an infographic about how Chia compares to Flaxseed

How do chia seeds compare to flax seeds?

Infograpic: Compare Chia Seeds to flaxseeds

Photo Credit for Chia Seed image 200×200: Stacy Spencley

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  25 Responses to “Chia the Super Seed”

  1. Way cool seed Yorinda with many benefits! Eating right and supplementing can make your life so much easier, really.

    A few smart choices along with being open-minded changes your life….for GOOD!

    Thanks for sharing ;)


  2. Hey Yorinda,

    Thank you for sharing another food called Chia seed. It is great to know that it has many uses and that includes for medicinal purpose. Sounds like it is a super strength food.

    Pearly Quah

  3. Hi Yorinda,
    I had never heard of Chia seed and I wonder of the word Chia has it’s root in the word “chi” which stands for life and energy flow.
    Eating in the right way starts from knowledge.
    Thanks for sharing so great stuff on your site every week!

  4. Hi Yorinda,
    I would like to meet you one day… you share the most interesting things about health and natural products. I recently went “cold Turkey”, have a jar of coconut oil, and who knows what else you’ll post that I’ll try!! All I knew about “Chia” was the Cha-Cha- Chachia pet that would be advertised on TV around Christmas… :-) Thank you for visiting me too since I was on vacation. I appreciate your comment on my blog, so thanks…

  5. Thank you ,
    I use chia in my bread and as a egg substitute ,but you tell me here more and nice recipes.
    Now I know how the plant looks like.Very good information. :)

  6. This is VERY silly, but I still hear the Chia Pet commercial every time I see anything related to chia. In fact, I heard the commercial in my head while reading your article. Forgive me…I am a dork. :)

    My childhood memories aside, I had NO idea that chia seeds were so nutritional! WOW! You packed this article full of such useful information! Thank you. I’m going to share this on Facebook so that my friends can gain access to this. We all need so badly to eat more healthily. Yorinda…I love your blog!
    Christi Johnson recently posted…The Power Of Your Life’s Filter – Gaining Opportunistic Eyes – ILN U. Training Mark HoversonMy Profile

  7. For the most part,our lives are so bombarded with frankenstein foods, that we don’t notice what is really beneficial to our health.
    Princess Shimari recently posted…CHOOSE LIFE: CHOOSE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.My Profile

  8. Hey Yorinda, I have never heard of Chia seed before. Where would one go to find them. Sounds Interesting Indeed. Thanks for sharing Chery :)
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…The Network Marketing ProfessionMy Profile

    • Hi Chery,
      in regards to where you could find Chia seed – here in New Zealand we can get them in the health food store.
      Since I just wanted the information out there I haven’t explore online options.
      I hope you find some where you are.

  9. Hi Yorinda,

    Thanks for sharing these statistics about Chia seeds. I know flaxseed has great health benefits, but these blow them away! I checked the prices. I’m interested in obtaining some. What an incredible super food!

    Raena Lynn

  10. Hi Yorinda,

    Giving you a big shout out here introducing people to that little tiny seed that can help so much! I use chia seeds often and can feel the benefits!

    Interesting how the Aztecs called it their ‘running food since they could run all day on just a handful of chia seeds. I can well imagine that!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Making Your Business BloomMy Profile

  11. This is a very informative article for the ones that wish to get more bang for their buck. The Aztecs had it right. If Chi has these kinds of benefits, why don’t more people use this chi seed. I do like the flavor of chia, when I am at the Starbucks counter in the winter I always have to have a tall Chia.

    Thanks Yorinda,
    Jimmie D Barber
    Jimmie Barber recently posted…Change Creates a Bigger ROI!My Profile

  12. Thanks for this. I’ve flirted with getting to know the chia seed before… now I will definitely add some to my diet!

  13. Lesly’s comment made me smile, because I remember those Chia pets too! Chia seeds sound like a wonderful addition to one’s diet, for many reasons. Thank you for including the recipes!


  14. Wow!! Great info. I use Chia and you have given me some great suggestions for things I can do with it far beyond what I was doing.. I must say that I like to grind my CHia as I find it ends up between my teeth if I don’t!! That drives me crazy!! I think I’ll put some more Chia into my food!! Thanks!
    Holly recently posted…You Can Lengthen Your Health Span SummaryMy Profile

  15. Very good information Yorinda, Thanks. I put one big spoon of Chia to all my breakfasts.
    Jose Palomino recently posted…Step by Step Duplication systemMy Profile

  16. Yorinda,
    I keep hearing about the amazing qualities of chia seeds. I have a bag and I am first planning to make a pudding. I love all the suggested ways to use Chia.


    Dr. Erica

  17. Yorinda,

    Thanks for sharing all those benefits and ways to use chia. I will begin by making a pudding.


  18. This is something I have been waiting for. I have one source I use to gather all my needs and this has become on e of them now.

    I had no idea of all the benefits and that goes to show that changing my food sources to more natural is the best thing for me. My energy is off balance and now I can gain some way of getting back on track. I know see what has been the way to go with my needs which is right here.

    I want to tell you that this is the best informaiton today I could have read. This is needed in more of our lives, real usable information like you continue to provide and I do appreciate your years of dedication.

    Good source from good people thank you very much!
    William Amis recently posted…There Comes A TimeMy Profile

  19. Wait… are these the same like with the Chia Pets or are they different. Forgive me… I did not know… have you tried any?
    Nile recently posted…Facebook Punishes Boring Brands and Advertisers?My Profile

  20. I’ve never heard of chia seeds! I love how you’ve used to create a great resource on chia seeds – will check out the bread options.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Creating an effective link post #bloggingMy Profile

  21. I love chia seeds! I put them in my smoothie every morning. I sprinkle them on salads, too. I have a gluten-free, healthy grain/seed bread that I want to make and it has chia seeds in it as well. I’ve never tried them soaked, though. I didn’t realize that the iron and calcium were that high. Awesome :).

  22. I haven’t done a lot with them, I’ll be the first to say, but I’ve seen them popping up all over the place—as an egg replacement for vegan baking and a way to make vegan pudding, mainly. They’re also touted for their health benefits, which range from the good omega-3 fats they contain, to their fiber content, to their ability to help you lose weight by making you feel full. And that’s all good!
    rachel lavern recently posted…4 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Blog ImagesMy Profile

  23. Hi Yorinda ,

    Great to see all the benefits of chia seeds . I did not know of all the benefits for Balancing blood sugar levels . I use it with my granola in the morning.

    Kind Regards


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