Why Coaching


Are you living your Ideal Life in any/or all of these Areas?

Would you like to

be empowered towards


your Ideal Life?

Would you like to tap into YOUR Abundance of unlimited Inner and Outer Resources.

Would you like to have  lifelong Tools/Resources for Self-Actualization/Self-Sufficiency.

Would you like  to be equipped/set up for  Self-Coaching and being able to implement what you learned.

Did you know that Coaching has become

the new global movement

that empowers people to self-fullfillment

to live the life the want to live?

Coaching can help:

  • To discover tools for self actualization
  • Connect with the inner Potential
  • Discover the answers within
  • Believe in self
  • Gain clarity
  • Become unstuck
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Explore options
  • Feel heard and understood
  • Feel accepted Clear limiting beliefs
  • Feel encouraged
  • Design an action plan
  • Keep on keeping on
  • Be accountable
Self Awareness often can be first step in making changes.

Exploring the many levels or of Self Awareness can help towards:

  • getting clearer on where you may want to go and how you can get there.
  • Hearing yourself think
  • Reconnect with your Inner Potential
Helps to see:

  • Yourself
  • your talents
  • your Abilities
  • your Strenght

Builds confidence and Self-Worth

A Spa for the Mind


Having a Sounding Board:

  • no judgment
  • freedom of expression
  • cheerleader

Access to tools

Dispelling Limiting Beliefs

  • do you have them?
  • safe haven to explore and dissolve them
  • learning tools to clear them

Reframing limiting perceptions

  • who’s responsibility is it
  • what are the priorites



Allow yourself to think big

Re-ignite goals


Creating a new Reality


Keeping on Track

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  One Response to “Why Coaching”

  1. Hi Yorinda
    What a great post. As a fairly recent graduate of a Life Coaching course, I love your content and the way you have presented the material in such a readable way. Definitely Life Coaching is here to not only stay but I believe is the cutting edge management tool of the future. What is so attractive to me is that, as you suggest, it is available to anyone to take on board and completely revolutionize their lives and achieve the kind of success that many people only day dream about. Truly it is a methodology to teach ownership and help people take complete responsibility for their lives. Good on you Yorinda. Warm Regards, Paul Saver

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