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Imagine LoveIn the book “The Storm before the Calm” by Neale Donald Walsch is a chapter with the Heading “Can you believe What we could believe, if we simply chose to?”

Contemplating this chapter I wrote this in my journal:

“I have believed what the chapter talks about for a long time.

Have I really believed it?

I wanted to believe it, it felt right in my gut, it makes sense and I’d rather believe that than the other limiting stuff … and yet I feel the old conditioning underneath trying to surface.

At times I seem to almost automatically slip into the old neural pathway, which my clever brain, meaning oh so well – trying to keep me ‘safe’, stops from overgrowing by pouring acid on it. And before I know it, the old fears are having a party in my head.

I am so glad that I do become aware of it sooner than I used to and consciously direct my thinking into the new neural pathway that seems like a little track through the bush, wondering if I am going the right way.

I have done it before and came out at this beautiful secluded beach only a few people knew about, where there is peace and the water is crystal clear. The sand is white and treasures of beautiful shells and pebbles are waiting for me.

I know I can just enjoy it all because I can come back here, all I need to take with me is the knowledge, that it exists.

I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, uplifted and inspired.

I know I can take the feeling with me and have it in my life always and see the treasures all around me and be at peace no matter what.”

Choosing consciously what we think/believe takes practice.

Reading books like the one I mentioned helps to consciously choose.

The following are some of the things Neale Donald Walsh suggests to imagine in his book:

“With apologies and an honoring of John Lennon”

Imagine…personal relationships with all others that are no longer need-based, but emerge more profoundly from an experience of personal fulfillment, personal power, and the personal expression of the highest thought about yourself and others that resides within everyone?”

Imagine… a career and work that feels more like joy and the celebration of the highest and best within you, and the happiest experience of Who You Are?” N.D.Walsch

There is a whole page of ‘Imagine ….’ in the book, which is very inspiring and uplifting.

Throughout the book the reader is encouraged to join the conversation on the blog where you can read Chapter 1 & 2 of The Storm before the Calm.

Image what life could be like when we choose to believe in love. Write a new cultural story.

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  30 Responses to “Imagine if we would choose to Believe”

  1. A thought provoking post Yorinda, sometimes it easy like you say to follow old neural pathways rather than trying to believe something new. It can be challenging to say the least.
    I’ll look out for the book :)

  2. Yorinda,

    I took a course with Neale Donald Walsh several months ago and actually got to speak with him on the phone. He really expresses in heartfelt words how to live a life in joy, appreciating each day and each person, and asking “How can I serve you?” It is so much more fruitful to imagine whatever it is you want rather than complaining about what you don’t like that you currently have. Right after reading this post, I was talking to my husband about what I don’t like about where I am living, rather than imagining where I would like to live.

    Thanks for another great post.


    Dr. Erica

  3. Yorinda I took a class a few years ago and the professor asked us to think and write about how many things we valued and believed in but did not know why. We learned in the class that it was ok to reevaluate the things we had come to value just because it was taught to us by a parent or a teacher. We discussed how many live in conflict because he/she does not stop to question why do I do this, say this, or not do this when it is not what I really believe. Great post!
    Lydia Brown recently posted…How to Use FORM to Engage ProspectsMy Profile

  4. Yorinda,
    now this is a great post… I know you have feeding us all with healthy info for a while… and I must say, this is truly a deeper feeding to the soul. Yes, I experienced and every day I keep experiencing more and more what truly “believing” is all about… I keep experiencing what “Values” are all about… what a wonderful world we are living in and how great the world will be by continuing to BELIEVE it with the depth of my heart…
    Thanks so much Yorinda, for sharing such a great insight that will serve us all to be better each and every day.
    nick catricala recently posted…Lost Direction 2My Profile

  5. One of my favorite subjects Yorinda! No matter how confident we appear on the outside, and feel most days, we always need to remain vigilant about limiting internal beliefs. Personally I find the times I’m most in danger of negative self-talk is when I’m really tired – like after a period where I’ve pushed myself hard to hit a goal or meet a deadline. Then no matter how much I’ve achieved, I’ll kick myself for not accomplishing even more. At least I’m aware of that now, so I make a point of taking better care of myself and celebrating even small successes along the way. Thanks for the inspiration!
    marquita herald recently posted…Experience Greater Calm, Clarity and Focus with Just 10 Mindful Minutes a DayMy Profile

  6. Hi Yorinda,

    Imagining is one step up from dreaming i think, first you complain and think constantly of the things you want, second you dream and third you can see them and imagine them in your mind.
    My mum has always said that you only need to imagine something and be positive about the things you want to make them happen =)

    Regards, Jessica.

    • Hi Jess, when you were younger, you always knew how to get what you wanted, then as we get older, we stop “believing” that we can have what we want. We’re “conditioned” as we get older by other people and things that go on around us, and then things happen that we don’t want, so we start thinking “You can’t always get what you want”, and we start to believe that.

      If only we could stay like Danny and Emily, where they don’t care what other people say, they just go ahead and do what they want anyway.

      Looks like I forgot to tell you that you also have to “believe” that what you want will come to you. And, I’m not a very good example, because I’ve let myself be conditioned also.

      Thanks for bringing this out in the open Yorinda!

  7. Belief is one the most important things any business owner can have.

    If you don’t believe 100% deep down in your bones that you can do it, your going to fail.

    The hard part is keeping that belief when you run into roadblocks.
    Clint Butler recently posted…Viral Content Is A Marketers Pipe DreamMy Profile

  8. Hi Yorinda,

    Thanks for sharing your personal story as an example for us to learn from. Even when we try to leave our old conditioning and limiting beliefs behind, they can slip back into our consciousness. I’m so glad you have chosen to have peace and to stay inspired no matter what comes your way.

    Love and Light,

    Shelley Alexander recently posted…High Intensity Interval Workout for a Detox CleanseMy Profile

  9. What a wonderful message!

    We are born with imagination. I believe it is important to keep it going. Years ago, when doing relaxation exercises, I imagined a place to go and calling it “my center”

    It is a beautiful place with velvet feeling grass, along a slow moving stream. There is a big strong tree where I lean against and all is safe there. That’s just a part of it. It imagery captures all my senses.

    When something comes up that rattles me, I go to my center and breath. I’ve been doing it so long, that I can do it in a moment, and then take on the world.

    Taking it further, I can imagine with precise detail, my goals, a place where I want to live, etc.

    Yes, it takes a lot of work, but in the end, it does so much good.


  10. Thank you for this excellent info. I believe this power is in your title…Imagine! The more we imagine success the more we begin to believe. And when we believe the possibilities are endless : )

  11. Hey Yorinda,

    Once we are piece with the worst case scenario the better off we will be. For instance, if I am at piece with my business and the worst case scenario is I can’t make money online and have to go get a job to pay my bills. Sure, there would be a period of time where I would feel like I failed, but eventually, I would have to look back and see where I went wrong.

    So yes if you believe or imagine your success and do the necessary steps you will succeed. I’ve done this a million times. I can recall just imagining what I would be like when I became successful. Honestly, I didn’t really change when more money came my way. I see this all the time people make all kinds of money and really don’t have any integrity and size everyone up by what they have in their bank account. Kind of sad really.
    Garen recently posted…How I Do Link-Building In 2013My Profile

  12. Yorinda thank you for sharing your story. There have been a few times when I realized that something I thought I believed about myself was not really the case which was evidenced by my actions or lack of. Today I use guided meditation and hypnosis to assist me with visualizing the things I truly could make maniftst.
    Lydia Brown recently posted…Why you should Ping your Website ContentMy Profile

  13. Yorinda,

    You said, “Choosing consciously what we think/believe takes practice.”

    This one statement echos with me. When I started my personal development journey I thought one course and I’d be “fixed.” I was actually disappointed to learn that it wasn’t that way and it was going to take real WORK. Yuck, I thought to myself.

    Today, I am thrilled that I took the time and made the effort to “choose” to do the work. If it was easy we’d have no wars, no poverty, no suffering.

    There’s something to imagine!

    I appreciate you!

    Rick Lelchuk recently posted…Fear: Is It Your Boogie Monster?My Profile

  14. This was such a great post Yorinda! It is inspiring and just made my day. Thank you so much!
    Michael Levy recently posted…Building Success for YourselfMy Profile

  15. Yorinda,
    I start to write and the page disappeared on me… hope you only get one comment :-)

    You sure read many books.. this is nice, so we get to know more than what we learn ourselves…

    The question that attracted me most was: “Can you believe What we could believe, if we simply chose to?”

    Why?? because it happen to me slowly for the past 15 years.

    YES, I can chose to believe very often… and actually I can say that I chose to believe every moment of my life, except when I get distracted on nonsense thinking :-)

    Just to share some of my choosing.. I always chose to BELIEVE that GOD is with me always and Guiding me along the pathway of life…
    Thanks so much for your writings.
    nick catricala recently posted…Lost Direction 2My Profile

  16. We can write, not only a new cultural story, but a new personal one, too, Yorinda.

    In fact, our lives and our societies are totally conditioned on our beliefs. And those beliefs are the ones we choose to believe.

    Now, since the Age of Reason, and certainly in this Age of Science, “beliefs” have been relegated to the regions of relativity and insignificance. Anything that cannot be weighed, measured and quantified is thought to be “only imaginary”. We have lost touch with the ancient connection to intuition and absolutism that are rooted, not in imagination, but in the most profound of all realities… the invisible one that is born of a different dimension than the one we experience mundanely, and thrives in a universe we deny because it only exists as one parallel to ours.

    Not only CAN we shape our lives and culture with our beliefs, we DO. Even when we deny the scientific validity of “mere” and “relative” beliefs.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…Keeping Pace With Online CommunicationsMy Profile

  17. The art of being open minded and choosing to be positive is not easy… but it is a choice. Life is not white sandy beaches, but our choices can make the best path that makes us happy.

  18. Yorinda, It is a life time goal to think like we should. It takes constant effort to check our thoughts. What we let come out of our mouth is telling what we are thinking. The book you mentioned sounds like it would be very inspiring and offer help for thinking right. I look forward to reading the first 2 chapters.
    Thank you for inspiring us once again!
    Lynn Jones recently posted…How Do Vaccines Really Protect Your Health?My Profile

  19. Hi Yorinda:

    What we choose to believe is so powerful. People don’t fully appreciate the power in this.

    Kevin Martineau recently posted…Our world is starving for loveMy Profile

  20. I really need to work on my belief factor a great deal. I am one of those people who believes the CONCEPT…but applying it to my life and believing things can happen for ME…well…that is the hard part. I am ready to step out of that and have more congruence between my head and my heart. Thanks for this. It was right on time for where I am right now.

  21. Hi Yorinda. One of my favorite phrases came from Al Franken’s character Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live: ‘That’s just stinkin’ thinkin’.’ It can be overwhelming to have belief, especially when we’re not seeing results, but living on that higher plane keeps us from being dragged down into depression and despair. Belief can help us to become. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

    All the best,


  22. Hi Yorinda,

    The core of this post is, “Choosing consciously what we think/believe takes practice.” First we have to be aware that it is a choice. Then personal development and growth comes in for the practice. We can think we believe something, but deep down in heart and subconscious, there may be some old baggage which have not been resolved. The only way to change it is practice. As you know, I am involved in The Prosperity Game which involves receiving money every morning in increased amount for a two week period. The purpose is to journal about where the money comes from and how it is spent. Everything I thought I believed about money wasn’t reality. Keeping a journal provided insights about my thought process when I actually went through the action of receiving and spending. One of the realizations through the exercise was I believed money reduces worry. If that is the main reason to pursue prosperity, then it’s never going to change. I’m sure that discovery came from my childhood, and it was a meaningful exercise because once I am aware of a belief that may be holding me back, I can choose to change the belief…with practice. Thanks for sharing “The Storm before the Calm.” Great post!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted…The Prosperity Game JournalMy Profile

  23. Hi Yorinda,
    What a nice post an thanks for sharing your story with us,
    Our old conditioning is like an invisible pilot running our choices, our beliefs about what we can and what we cannot do, our decisions and our lives.
    We have so many tools now one of which is creative visualization, when we allow to imagine that we are perfect and we can create a perfect world then we allow for the manifestation of this perfection to take place.
    It’s all in our mind and this is also the good news:)

  24. This is so true, Yorinda, conscious choosing of our thoughts does take practice. We are taught to think about some things in a specific way, like in school, but in the rest of life, that process is just passed by.

    It is as if thinking about what our innermost hearts are trying to tell us is simply not the thing to do. And the idea that we can consciously think something is almost anathema. But its not, and when we practice and master this skill, our lives will change radically for the better.
    Michael Shook recently posted…How To Get Positive Thinking TipsMy Profile

  25. I’m in the process of trying to change bad programming growing up by working on my belief system. Visualization has helped tremendously among other techniques. It’s not easy but it takes time and effort.
    Melanie Young recently posted…Facing Down FearMy Profile

  26. Your post has inspired me to come to my relationships from love and caring, versus letting my unconscious needs dictate my relating. The key to giving out in relationships is to be able to receive God’s perfect love in my own heart, I believe.

  27. Yorinda,

    Thanks for this post. I live minutes from the beach and reading your post makes me want to go there and relax and imagine my best life possible. And since it’s Sunday, I think I will do that. And you are so correct that we need to be conscious of our thoughts that we choose to focus on. It is a choice and we must choose wisely. Thanks so much for giving us access to a few chapters in his book. After this comment I am going to check it out and can’t wait to share this post on Facebook and twitter. I appreciate all the times you have shared and liked my posts as well. And we all love that song by John Lennon.

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial recently posted…Why I Don’t Use WordPress JetPackMy Profile

  28. Yorinda thanks for reinforcing what I already know is the real deal. A positive plus a positive will always give you a positive out come if we would just establish this in our everyday thoughts and actions. Thanks for this posting.

  29. Hi Yorinda,
    Once you really understand and accept that you can consciously choose how to think, negative verses positive, catching negative self-talk, a whole new world of possibilities open up, you have more choice and options, you’re no longer stuck.. and imagining what you what is greater and brighter…

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