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PlayIs the time we play as adults just for fun or waste of time?

What happens if we did not get enough play when we were children, did it affect our development?

These are the questions Stuart Brown and Christopher Vaughan explore in the book:
“Play How it shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul”

One of the examples in the book, relating to business, is on page 131 to 132 about how Andrew Grove and Gordon more solved a problem for Intel when Japan came up with a much cheaper memory chip. They realized that if they would not find a solution they would be fired. So they pretended to fire themselves walked out of the office and then walked in as the better and smarter executives that would replace them.As a result of this they led the company into designing and creating microprocessors.

According to Stuart Brown:

  • We are designed to play throughout of our lifetime.
  • Play is keeping minds and brains flexible enough for the changes and challenges in life.
  • The Opposite of play is not work it is depression

Video about Play:

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Here are some links to make it easier to explore this subject of play:
Read the first chapter in the book Play how it shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul

National Institute for Play

Stuart Brown Website

Stuart Brown’s Blog

Reasearch on:
Playing Tetris reduces flashbacks after witnessing traumatic events

The Book Stuart Brown mentions in the Video: Rules of the Red Rubber Ball by Kevin Carroll

What is it your Play history?

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  23 Responses to “Play Good for Business and Success”

  1. People tell me that I act like a kid sometimes… I take it as a compliment and challenge them by asking “is that a bad thing?” So what, I like to have a little fun.. I’m glad to hear that there’s nothing wrong with that. =)
    I think that there are a lot of things that we get rid of as we grow into adults, and I think that a lot of these things are important for our growth and should be kept into adulthood. Some example are our creativity and our imaginations. I’m happy to hold on to some of this stuff and even to dig down deep and re-discover some things that I let go of too early. Thanks for the post!

    Kyle Quinlan recently posted…Productivity Tip of the Day… A Quick and Easy ReadMy Profile

  2. I really enjoyed this post, Yorinda. As a musician, I have noticed that my colleagues tend to not completely grow up. Even the most seemingly staid classical performers can have an outrageous sense of humor and fun. I guess what we do on a daily basis is ‘play’. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss
    Miss Leslie recently posted…Do Cows Like Jazz?My Profile

  3. I have noticed that when I regularly play a card game with family that requires quick thinking, I am much sharper mentally in other things as well. Lately we haven’t been playing very much at all. Your post makes me wonder if that could be part of the reason why I have been having a focus problem. I was thinking it was an age thing. ;) I suppose, as we get older, play is even more important to keep our minds functioning.
    Melodie Kantner recently posted…Are You Making This TribePro Mistake?My Profile

  4. This is such a cool topic that most adults just don’t really understand. I love what a do and do what I love, so I’m playing All The Time :) I believe that this is the True secret to Abundant Success in life. “Follow Your Bliss and doors will open where there once were only walls.” -Joseph Campbell.

    Take Care,

    David H. Paul
    David Paul recently posted…How to Use Your Burning Desire to Own Your LifeMy Profile

  5. Yorinda,
    I was just at a retreat with my business coach and a dozen women. (No, that’s not the play part, I was with my wife. LOL) We were on the beach in Hollywood, FL and went down every night after our sessions to relax and play. One day we were told to come to the beach and be ready to play. I built a sand castle on my hands and knees, just like a kid. It was fabulous. I highly recommend playing like you used to. There were no boundaries, not restrictions, just me the sand and the ocean. What fun.
    Rick Lelchuk recently posted…And, the Outlandish Suggestion Was…My Profile

  6. What a great message Yorinda. I agree, play time is so important and it doesn’t matter what your age. There are so many small opportunities we take for granted each day to laugh and enjoy life each day!
    marquita herald recently posted…Learning to Appreciate the Awesome Moments in LifeMy Profile

  7. Hi Yorinda,

    I always enjoy coming to your blog. You always have such fun topics and this one is definitely one! It is interesting that “play” can be broken down into scientific analysis! I had no idea there are so many different categories of play such as “rough and tumble” and “object play.” What play does for brain development is incredible. I think we should spend a little time every day in play to reap all the benefits! I couldn’t imagine a world without play! I love all of his pictures and the presentation.

    I love the play bow and it reminds me when I “play” with my puppy. She bows in play every day and reminds me to stop and take the time to engage. I think that is why people love their pets so much. They are a reminder to us to stop and fill our lives with a “richer play history.” Becoming empowered with our play! What a concept. Thanks for sharing.

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted…7 MUSTS to “Crush It” BUILDING YOUR BRANDMy Profile

  8. Play is such an important part of our lives. We forget that it is through play that we are wired from birth to learn things. I can quite relate to the experience of those workers who “fired” themselves only to return as bosses. Many a times when I have struggled to do a task, I have pretended to be the teacher trying to walk students through that task. I have always been amazed at how this shift in behavior is sufficient to trigger any prior hold back.

    Stevie Smith recently posted…Dating 101 – Dating for BeginnersMy Profile

  9. Hi Yorinda,

    Yet another gem from you!

    Fortunately I have a 5 year old around the house who constantly reminds us we need to play!

    Too many of us get stuck in front of the computer networking and miss out on fun. I think it definitely leads to depression.

    Let’s encourage the whole world to lighten up. I know it helps my business when I do.
    John Gaydon recently posted…The Beauty Of Residual IncomeMy Profile

  10. The greatest significance of play, I think, is the regeneration it gives you.

    All work and no play is depleting, and your work suffers significantly because of it.

    This is a really helpful post, Yorinda, especially to those of us who are so “driven” to succeed and accomplish that we sometimes overlook the things we want most from the freedom that success brings.
    David Merrill recently posted…How To Be A Profit “Producer”, Not A Run-of-the-Mill “Multi-Tasker”My Profile

  11. Hey Yorinda

    Playing requires imagination which exercises the mind, plus it is fun :)

    Peter Fuller MBA recently posted…How to Build Your Prospect ListMy Profile

  12. Hi Yorinda. I decided to revisit this post and take another look at the video. I do worry that kids don’t play anymore – except video games. So many never play cowboys and Indians, pirates, dress-up, dolls, and all the games that children have played for thousands of years. I think it cramps the imagination.

    I love this video about play. I spend a lot of time playing – just doing stuff that I enjoy doing for no particular reason. It was interesting to learn about the different categories of play. I think we are so protective of our kids that we don’t give them the freedom to play.

    Thanks for sharing this video.
    Leslie Denning recently posted…Safelist Strategies: Build a Bigger List in Less TimeMy Profile

  13. Hi Yorinda, love the new look.
    Working through play is a fascinating concept, and it’s effective after all, that’s how young children learn
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…The fastest way to improve your writing is…My Profile

  14. So easy to ‘play’, especially in North America, where there are theatres at every corner. And so few adults really play, as we are conditioned to think that adults are serious people :) Nice article and video, thank you!
    Llyane @FrenchOnSkype recently posted…The Francophile Christmas DinnerMy Profile

  15. This is one particular remedy that I don’t have to be sold on Yorinda!

    For sure when we are in so called play and or relax mode, all of our cylinders not only get a chance
    to rest, but we also get a chance to release our more creative side and instincts.

    I’m just glad there is some type of science behind doing so! Because I feel far less guilty
    about feeling that way!LOL!

    Thanks so much for sharing such a informative post!
    Mark recently posted…Why You Really Would Be So Much Better Off If You Had A Real Fear Of Failure!My Profile

  16. I like your post , it reminds me to go back to those fun times when I was a kid. Where play had no barriers it didn’t matter if I knew the other kid or even we spoke the same language, if it was play time there was always a way to achieve it, the brain had to create a way. Now its mostly work,work work. I want to incorporate play more in what I do . Thanks for the information.
    Siphosith recently posted…Master The Art Of The 80/20 Principle With These 8 TipsMy Profile

  17. This is a great article and it is great to see something about having fun and taking a different look at problems.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    Andy Lockhart recently posted…What do You Know About Pinterest?My Profile

  18. Super good points, Yorinda. As adults, we often overlook play and downplay the importance of it. Too often we blame lack of time. But I have found that when I squeeze in some creative/play time, I’m more able to handle life’s challenges with renewed energy. I also have a sense of more time — not less – in that I don’t feel as pressured.

    So, yay to play!
    Karen Peltier recently posted…25 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immunity & Stay Healthy Naturally & HolisticallyMy Profile

  19. There is not one day, which playing is not involved. My life is a huge play ground!

    Why, our toys only get more expensive as we grow to an older age? Why, hid the truth enjoy it and let those around you participate or not.

    You have to stay active mentally and physically. The body and mind dies without interaction and activity.

    Thanks for bringing this matter to light!
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted…Got To Have A BeginningMy Profile

  20. Nice post Yorinda!

    I’m of the mindset that any time our minds are engaged in any type of fun based activity,
    that it’s definitely a plus!

    And therefore an extremely positive thing! And the fact that these two gentlemen have taken
    things even further and sort of offer scientific proof, is even better!

    And icing on the cake! Nice post! And thanks for sharing it!

  21. Hello Yorinda, I do agree with Marc All play and no play does make for a dull boy! I play every chance I can and Love every minute of it!
    Life is way to short not to my friend, I loved this article, Thanks for sharing… Chery :))

  22. I think it’s important to always maintain your sense of fun. There’s truth in the saying “kids keep you young” but we can maintain that without them. We need it to keep a balance in life.

    I worry about the lack of imaginative play in kids who spend so much time on computer games and apps. A sense of fun isn’t something gained from external stimuli but comes from within. All aspects of play are important learning tools for young children and none should be neglected.

    The results on the survey on Trauma and Tetris make me wonder whether playing games that don’t require thought somehow interferes with long term memory!!
    Sue Bride recently posted…Planning Ahead For SuccessMy Profile

  23. Well… “work hard, play harder” is one of my favorite sayings, so I totally agree with what you have written. It is interesting how “playing pretend” is what got the job done with the Japanese executives. it tells you so much about how logic can only get you so far and how imagination can be the solution to many of live’s problems. If only we played more often…
    victoria m. recently posted…How do you Measure success? Hint: Comparisionitis is NOT the answer!My Profile

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