Jul 232013

More Exposure and Comments

for Your Blog Posts through B3 (Former TSA)

TribeTSA Mastery now renamed to Biz Blogging Buzz (B3) has made a big difference in my blogging experience.

When I started out with writing Blog posts I occasionally had someone commented on my posts and I was really excited about it.

Like most people on the Internet with a Website/Blog I wanted more exposure and comments and for my blog to be found on Google.

Through someone’s post I came across the TSA/ Biz Blogging Buzz (B3).

One of the deciding features of the TSA/B3 for me was that it is free.

I also liked that this community has members who committed are to commenting on and sharing each other’s content via Social Media.

The Biz Blogging Buzz provides tutorials on how to be an active member of the B3, and it also has tutorials teaching how to use Social Media sites and Internet tools like Stumbleupon, Digg, and more.

I learned how to leave valuable comments instead of just ‘Great post!’.

Through reading the posts of the members of the B3 I learned about all sorts of aspects of Internet Marketing. I also came across many interesting, inspiring posts, and technical ‘how to’ and health and wellness information and videos.

Since the TSA platform for sharing includes a point system and awards the top commentator and top syndicator I learned that I have a bit of a competitive side and enjoyed achieving both top positions a few times.

The generosity in the B3 community is astounding.

There are many definitions of ‘Syndication‘,

The one which applies to the B3 the most is:

“An association of people formed to engage in an enterprise or promote a common interest.” The Free Dictonary

Kimberly Castleberry is at the ‘helm’ of the community and has provided lots of posts and tutorials, not only for the B3 but also about technical ‘how-to’, Facebook and many more. It would require a whole blog post to mention them all.

All of them have been continuously working on improving the B3 information for it’s members and they are also available on the B3 Facebook group for question.

It is also great to see some of the community members stepping up to help with some of the tasks.

Some of the results I got from being part of the B3:

  • more comments
  • my posts being shared on i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon
  • my Google and Alexa Ranking improved
  • my posts show up on page 1 on Google even in the first spot at times

There is so much more that could be said about the B3.

I highly recommend to try it for yourself. After all it is free!

To join the B3 and get started go to the Biz Blogging Buzz and learn how you too can get more Exposure and Comments.

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