Jan 072012

Kitten on KeyboardDo you want to make your time on the Computer and Internet more efficient?

Keyboard shortcuts can help with that.

When you create a new blog post or content you can use the following:

Function Windows Mac Mouse
Copy Ctrl C Command C Right click select copy
Paste Ctrl V Command V Right click select paste
Cut Ctrl X Command X Right click select cut


The Key for Undo is Z

You can do the same with Bold (b), Underline(u) and Italic(i).

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

The Chrome Browser (it is free) seems to be a lot quicker and no jumbled format,

and once you filled in any form your details will be there to choose from as soon as you type the first letter. This means less typing.

Photo Credit: Kitten on Keyboard by Mr Thinktank

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