Jan 252012

Google alertsIn the free Google Alerts you can add up to a thousand queries

and set the frequency of how often you want to be notified.

This alert will then be sent to your email.

You can use this to find out:

  • ‘who’ is talking about you type “first last name” i.e. “Joe Blogs”
  • ‘what’ is being said about your website/blog i.e. “http://yoursite.com”
  • Keep up with news on any subject, i.e. “Relationship Marketing

You can set the Result type to:

  • Everything
  • Blogs
  • News
  • Videos
  • Discussions
  • Books

There is the choice of ‘only the best results‘ and ‘all results‘.

To find out more and/or get help you can go to Google Alerts Help

I am very grateful for having learned this today from Mari Smith in the recorded Relationship Marketing webinar.

Mari Smith’s book “The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web (affiliate link) has a lot of useful tips and is easy to read.

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Dec 012011

Why Social Bookmarking?

Each time we share information on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other Bookmarking sites (there are of 250 of them) it has the potential of reaching  hundreds or even thousands of people.

Lets say you have 250(*) friends on Facebook and you share something, even if just ten of your friend like it or repost it, then it would make it visible to each one of those people friends, which could be 10 x 250 etc.

*Apparently we know 250 people by the time we are 20 years old.

The same applies for Twitter or any other bookmarking sites.

Now, you may wonder, what is in it for if you to bookmark something that isn’t your material.

Ok, when people see you share other people article,posts, they see you as sharing information in a generous, non selfish way. Sure you can share your own articles, but people don’t like the ‘in your face attitude’.

If it is recommended by someone else it seems to have more credibility.

We have entered the Recommendation Era.

Then there is the law of reciprocity, what we give out comes back.

So, you share their articles/posts/information someone else shares yours.

More people in the circle of your friends get exposed to more information.

More people in other people’s circle of friends get exposed to your information.

Let’s say you share a post with Only wire, with that one click (if you have signed up with the sites) the post could be shared to up to 15 to 40 bookmarking sites. Onlywire will only do that(one the free account) with 5 posts per day. Ping fm has a similar system. (Newsvine does not allow automated posting, so you can leave it out when you sign up for the accounts)

Maybe you have a mathematical mind and can add up the numbers, but even if you haven’t, I hope by now you understand the endless possibilities of Social Bookmarketing.

Would you like to be part of the Recommendation Era and help, with the use of Facebook, Twitter and other sites, to spread information like wildfire and have yours spread like wild fire too?

I am glad to be part of the TSA (Tribe Syndication Association) where we do just that, share each others article. I am learning so much from reading posts and I love sharing it.

I also love seeing my posts being shared and my website going up on Google.

If you want to find out more about the TSA just click on the TSA picture below.

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