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What does Freedom mean to you?

Dolphin-surfing-on-its-tailA lot of people think money and things will give them Freedom.
Viktor Frankl and Nelson Mandela are two men who showed us that freedom has nothing to do withworldly riches‘.
They managed to use their minds in a way that helped them survive extreme circumstance and help other people.

We all have that power, since we all have the capacity to choose our thoughts, which is probably the ultimate freedom.

Here is a List of what Freedom could mean:

  • Choosing our thoughts – consciously (instead of letting them run ‘wild’)
  • Being responsible (‘response – able‘) rather than having our old scripts/conditioning running our thoughts, feelings and reactions
  • Being free from ‘re-activeness‘ (responding instead of reacting)
  • Choosing what we want (not allowing others to manipulate us)
  • Consciously choosing how we spend our time. (when we have to do something, we can be aware that we choose to do it since we choose that outcome over the outcome of what would happen if we don’t do it)
  • Being free to enjoy this moment (or not
  • Imagining what it would be like if we had what we wanted (creating the feeling and vibration of that, which can attract it)
  • Choosing what we focus on. (Positive aspects of people and circumstances)
  • Asking for what we want. (Instead of assuming people can read our minds)
  • Being able to upgrade our expectations into preferences. (preventing disappointments)
  • Raising our abundance consciousness (appreciating what we have and what is working)
  • Accepting and loving ourselves no matter what (making it possible to be more of what we want to be)
  • Creating abundance/financial freedom (helping others to do the same, even if only by our example)
  • Being true to ourselves
  • Expressing ourselves
  • Choosing Love, Acceptance, Gratitude, Abundance and Joy
  • Choosing our thoughts
  • Choice….. Choice……Choice

You are Free ~ Paradise

by Gisele Frederich

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So, what does Freedom mean to you?

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Jul 242011

Why Do You Want More

Freedom Abundance Well Being and Time?

The Answer to that question may vary from person to person.

Maybe you haven’t really thought about it?

Or you may sort of know but it is more gray instead of black and white?

Hopefully you will get clearer as you read explore that question.

When we know why we want something and

focus on why we want it

then it is more likely to happen.


What does Freedom mean to you?

Here are some options:

  • Being yourself
  • Doing what you want
  • Having what you want
  • Nobody telling you what to do


Abundance could be:

  • Plenty of money
  • Having things
  • Living comfortably
  • Living in luxury
  • A car
  • A boat
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Plenty of Time
  • Family/Friends

When do you feel abundant?

What makes you feel abundant?

Well Being

Areas of Well Being:

  • Physical – health
  • Emotional – feeling good
  • Mental – positive thinking
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Fulfillment



Time for:

  • Doing what you love
  • Family
  • Children
  • Relaxation
  • Recreation
  • Fun
  • Holiday
  • Work
  • HobbiesFun