Apr 092012

Are Humans Empathetic?

Apparently we have something like ‘Mirror Cells‘ in our brain which causes us to Brain regionsfeel what we see or hear other people are going through.

In the video below Jeremy Rifkin talks about how the human race has developed towards experiencing Empathy.

He addresses a lot of issues in this video. Food for thought and very cleverly demonstrated by drawings.

“The Race to Global Consciousness in a World of Crisis” is the subtitle to the Book:

The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin (not an Affiliate link)

RSA Animate – The Empathic Civilisation

YouTube Preview Image

For more information you can read Empathic accuracy on Wikipedia.

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Mar 012012

Be the Change you wish to see in the WorldHow to make a difference in a way that supports positive change in the world?

As within so without, so any change we make within, results in changes in the world around us.

“A better You means a better Universe.” Jim Carrey

1957 they a crack developed when they tried to shift the clay Buddha in Thailand and they discovered that underneath the clay was a Golden Buddha.

Jack Canfield relates to this as follows: “I love the word ‘discovered’, because it means to take the cover off something that is already there.” He thinks that the past conditioning has caused “wounds, and hurts and traumas and so forth, that put this layer of clay over the golden essence of who they really are.” Page 147 “Choice Point – Align your Purpose” by Harry Massey & David R. Hamilton PhD

This book is based on the Film: “Choice Point” which features the world’s leading change-makers like:

  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Jack Canfield
  • Desmond Tutu
  • Gregg Braden
  • and many others

To uncover our golden essence we may need to first face, then embrace and finally erase our emotional wounds and fears from the past and replace them with a new belief system which supports us to live our unlimited potential.

Self Awareness and Self Actualization can be helped with Meditations and Positive Attitude, are just a few tools.

A study has shown the reduction in crime when lots of people where meditating at the same time.

There is a World Meditation Day every first Sunday of the month.

What is a Choice Point?

YouTube Preview Image

This all ties in with the post “2012 Shift in Global Consciousness”

Gratitude, Appreciation, Forgiveness, Compassion for ourselves and others are some of the ‘tools’ we can choose/use to make a difference.

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Feb 242012

Mayan CalendarThe Mayan calendar


ends in December 2012 after 26 000 years.

There are lots of prophecies regarding the end of this year.

What do you believe will happen?

What we focus on expands.

What do you want to expand?

There are many visionaries or ‘evolutionaries’ as Barbara Marx Hubbard call them herself included who talk about the positive changes which can happen.

The book “The Golden Motorcycle Gang” by Jack Canfield and William Gladstone introduced me to the ‘Birth of Universal Humanity’ and there is going to be a ‘Global birthday party for this on the 21/12/2012 and everyone is invited.

When I read the book I got inspired to be part of spreading the news.

This is all about a ‘Shift in Consciousness’ which has been happening for a while and seems to be accelerating.

The Harmonic Convergence which happened in the late 80s created by José Argüelles was a big event and the Global Birthday is going to surpass it, especially if Jack Canfield’s vision of 10 Million or more people are participating in this Birth Day of the ‘New Earth’ and universal humanity.

I love the thought of being instrumental in this shift in consciousness, spreading the word, planting the seed, inspiring people to be part of it, facilitating the unlimited potential of humans to blossom, to help keeping the focus on love, joy, growth, enlightenment, spirituality, our Inner Potential.

This is the first of a series of blog posts to make information available to inspire people to be part of this shift and to help spread the word and celebrate the Birth Day of Universal Humanity.

There is a preliminary scenario of what the Birth Day could look like with meditations, dance, global broadcast, flash mobs and plenty more in the back of the book.

Humanity ascending Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Do you see yourself as an ‘evolutionary’? Are you keen to spread the word?

Collective shift in Consciousness on planet earth – now that is something to celebrate.

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Jan 072012

Inspiration makes Work Fun

Inspiration at the BeachWhen Action comes from inspiration:

  • It is something you look forward to
  • It is enjoyable
  • It flows
  • It is action/work that you want to get out of bed for, even if it is early or cold and maybe even if it is a Sunday
  • Ideas flow easily
  • Challenges are no big deal, you keep going until you figured it out

How do you get to inspired action?

Here are the steps:

  1. Getting clear on why you want what you want.
  2. Exploring what limiting beliefs/thoughts are blocking you.
  3. Finding a new perspective
  4. Defining a goal
  5. Breaking it down into a manageable action plan
  6. Being accountable

Step 1 means asking ‘why‘ again and again until you get to how you would like to feel when you accomplished what you want to do.

A hint here is: it is important that it feels good.

Explore the levels of your ‘why’.

Maybe you can do this by yourself. Writing it down can help. Focus on it for a while, maybe more than once. It may help to talk to someone about this who will give you their undivided attention and possibly ask you some questions to explore your ‘why’ further.

Coaching sessions helped me with that, and I really appreciated having someone (a coach) help me explore by actively listening and also asking me related questions.

Step 2 can be more tricky, since those limiting beliefs sometimes slip past you like a ninja in the night.

Even if you have an idea what your limiting belief (a thought that you keep thinking) may be, but how do you get more clarity?

From personal experience I can say that exploring this in a coaching session can help tremendously and also speed up the process. For me it supported me in exploring what the limiting belief was by:

  • Having the space to talk about it
  • Being listened to, really listened to
  • Feeling heard and understood
  • Feeling accepted (no judgement)
  • Questions which helped clarify it further and explore it more

One of my experiences in which coaching sessions helped me:

I used to like being anonymous. I wrote a few posts on some blogs which stayed under the radar and I liked it that way.

I was scared to be out there, being seen, being noticed, to stand up and being counted. So I preferred to ‘lye low’. (Spelling mistake intentionally)

For years personal growth and self development had been number one on my list.

Counselling and Rebirthing and working with Positive Attitudes were tools which helped me to clear a lot of issues.

It was sort of like peeling an onion.

Sometimes I felt like I was going in circles.I am glad I that learned that it actually is a spiral.

This spiral is not only going towards the centre (my true inner being) it is also gaining momentum and it is getting easier.

Most people have a ’story’ to tell.

The reason to tell my story is to give an example of exploring where my limiting belief came from.

My father had a kidney removed in the Second World War and since he was afraid for his heath he left Switzerland and went to Germany. This made him a ‘deserter’ so he was ‘illegal’ in Germany and did odd jobs. He met my mother, I was created and then, because of my parents circumstances, was fostered out 4 times between age 0 and 7 (having contact with my parents in those years). When I was seven my well meaning parents finally had a flat and I lived with them. My father was still illegal until I was 10 years old. That was when my parents got married.

Until I talked about ‘lying low’ in the coaching session I had not connected my fear of ‘being seen’ with the situation with my father.

It was similar to the fear I felt every time I heard a certain fire siren, like the ones we used to have in Germany and I would look into the sky looking for the bomber airplanes to come. I couldn’t quite understand that, since I was born a few years after the war, until I learned that I must have taken on my mother’s fear (she had been bombed out in Berlin).

Step 3: Being able to talk about this in a coaching session helped me

  • to get this new understanding
  • to find a new way of thinking

I realized that these fear which caused me to want to ‘lye low’ was a pretty ‘low lie’ in the life I am living now.

Getting things into perspective puts the power back to where it belongs, into the here and now, within the control of our thoughts we choose from now on.

The steps after that for me where easy since I already had them I just needed to clear the limiting belief I had. Within approx. 3 weeks I got my own domain name and created this website. Sure there is still a lot more I want to do on this website, but now I am like a dog with a bone, grrrrrrrreat.

I also love seeing the positive changes and ‘aha’ moments in people I have coached.

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Dec 292011
Orewa sense of Freedom Welcome

The Purpose of this Website is to

Empower People to

Live a Life the Love and Love the Life they live.



We can create more Freedom Abundance Well Being and Time

when we use a Wholistic Approach

which includes :

  • Mindsets (guiding our Thoughts)
  • Spiritual Practice (Aligning with Source Energy)
  • Taking care of our Body (Food, Skincare etc.)
  • Being aware of our Feelings (and uplift them)


  • Inspired Action (work which is in harmony with our Well Being)

The Law of Attraction can help us

create what we really want,

when we live life consciouly.



Since Knowlegde is pointless unless it is used,

I am happy to pass on what I have learned

in the last three decades of my adult life.

As your may have noticed you can access more informations

by clicking on the Pages and/or Categories on the left.


Sometimes we need someone to help us on our journey.

I would be honoured to facilitate you in connecting with your inner expert.

Feel free to contact me and/or optin to any of my free offers.

Dec 292011


Milford SoundLaw of Attraction works for us to create our dreams when we emanate the frequency of what we want.

With other words: When our thoughts are combined with feelings then we are vibrating what we want.

Including Music and Voice Recordings in our Vision Board can help generate the feelings = Activation of Law of Attraction.

The last three posts covered why a Vision Board is effective in helping us to make our dreams become a reality with the use of affirmations and power words and images.

When we combine the words/affirmations with the feelings amplified through images,  music and spoken words we have a powerful tool to make our vision come true.

“There is a gold mine, in your goal mind!” Denis Waitley

Our state of mind is affected by music and feelings are triggered and an Emotional Bond gets established with our Vision.


“Where words fail, music speaks.” Hans Christian Andersen

How does certain music make you feel?

Music can make us feel energized, uplifted even motivated.

Some music may bring up a memory.

For me  ‘The song for guy’ by Elton John always reminds me of seeing New Zealand for the first time from the airplane and experiencing this euphoric feeling of falling in love first sight with the country. When I arrived the second time to live here the song played again when the Airplane was landing. So the song evokes a feeling of joy, excitement and euphoria for me.

Your choice of music for your Vision Board is probably a very personal one and it may vary for each board depending what it is about.

Recording your own affirmations is possible with the voice recorder which comes inbuilt in the Vision Board Studio. You can have the music and your spoken affirmations (or some of your favourite motivational speaker) play simultaneously and you can adjust the volume to have one louder or more quiet than the other.

Or you could just have music or spoken words as background sound.

The options for sound for your Vision Board are:

  • Only Music
  • Only Spoken words (i.e. affirmations or inspirations)
  • Music with spoken words equal sound
  • Music louder than spoken words
  • Spoken words louder than music
  • Two types of music (and/or include binaural beats)
  • No sound

How to include Music and Voice Recording in Your Vision Board

YouTube Preview Image

The software is available here  (50% off at present) for Windows only (sorry Mac users) and has an affiliate program which pays 40% on the first and 10% on the second tier.

My Future Life Vision Board

created in the Tutorials

YouTube Preview Image


The Vision Board System Software

will only be available until the 6. Nov. 2013

So get it while you still can!

(The link is an affiliate link)

The VBS works on Windows only (sorry Mac users)


The Vision Board Juicing Handbook has a lot of interesting information about how to us Music.

Including binaural beats in your sound can have a very powerful effect because it can help with the reprogramming of the neural pathways by connecting the left and right brain.  To find out more about the science behind binaural beats check out the following link.

Vision Board for realizing your Dreams: Tutorial 1 and 2     Affirmations and Power Words: Vision Board  Tutorial 3           Images and Backgrounds: Vision Board Tutorial 4

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Aug 292011

How to be Motivated and Inspired and

‘Get on with it’

Inspired Action

Inspired Action is one step towards being motivated.

When you want to do something especially if it is work/career or success orientated

it is a good idea to do some soul searching about:

Why do you want to do it?

Ok, there is the money/cash flow side. That is one of those surface reasons.

Ask yourself again:

“Why is it that you want to do this?”

“How do you hope to feel when you have done it?”

Don’t stop there. With each answer ask why again.

Why keep asking ? Isn’t money, earning a living enough of a reason?

Your reason might bet  financial security.

Great you want to feel more secure.  Why? What would that mean to you?

How would you feel if you felt financially secure?

Would you  feel good?

Why would you feel good?

The reason for digging deeper is that when we get clearer on our why, and all the facets, then

we are much more likely to feel motivated – inspired – into action.

This is especially important if we are our own boss or time keeper.

Having a Coach can help you to get and stay inspired.

For a free 15 min Coaching Session fill in the form below.