Mar 172012

Positive MindsetDoes having a Positive Mindset make you more productive?

Work to be happy – is that a backward approach?

This question is what Shaw Achor discusses in the video below.

How can we be the Best we can be?

What we think has a big impact on how we are in the word.

In the following video featuring on TED talks,

Shawn Achor talks about a positive mind and some easy great ways to achieve it with lot of humor

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

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After hearing all that, are you keen to try Shawn’s suggestions for 21 days?

Tools we could use to reach our true potential:

  • Smile
  • Write/self counselling
  • Songs which uplift
  • Read a prayer everyday
  • Amazing future
  • Visualize
  • Read uplifting books articles
  • Watch uplifting videos
  • Self parent
  • Being the best I can now/today
  • Self Awareness
  • Connect with uplifting people iparte
  • Laugh
  • Gratitude
  • Meditate

Opening to your True Identity (free meditation download and transcript)

What works for you?

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