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Dream Vision Goal
A Vision Board is a powerful tool for helping you to make you
dreams become a Reality.

Creating and looking at a Vision Board helps with focusing on your Goals and Dreams.

This focus also helps to activate the Law of Attraction to work in the direction of your Vision.

According to Marcia Layton Turner when we convert a thought into a picture/Vision Board it activates the reticular formation in the brain. “The reticular formation is a group of nerve endings located primarily in your brain stem. They are responsible for, among other things, alertness and awareness. When you activate it, you make it almost hyperaware of your goals and dreams, which can help you spot opportunities you didn’t notice before.” Page 75 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vision Boards by Marcia Layton Turner.

Have you created a Vision Board Poster in the past with pictures from magazines, scissors and glue? It can be a lot of fun.

You could create a vision board on the computer with GIMP (a free Graphic Image Manipulation) or Publisher or even turn it into a Movie with Windows Movie Maker.

Below is a video demonstrating the free Success Vision Board App
by Jack Canfield

YouTube Preview Image

The Success Vision Board is also available on iTunes.

For pictures, which you can use and even change go Creative Common Photos on Flickr.

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Have you had any success or experiences with Vision Boards?

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Dec 292011

Milford SoundLaw of Attraction works for us to create our dreams when we emanate the frequency of what we want.

With other words: When our thoughts are combined with feelings then we are vibrating what we want.

Including Music and Voice Recordings in our Vision Board can help generate the feelings = Activation of Law of Attraction.

The last three posts covered why a Vision Board is effective in helping us to make our dreams become a reality with the use of affirmations and power words and images.

When we combine the words/affirmations with the feelings amplified through images, music and spoken words we have a powerful tool to make our vision come true.

“There is a gold mine, in your goal mind!” Denis Waitley

Our state of mind is affected by music and feelings are triggered and an Emotional Bond gets established with our Vision.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” Hans Christian Andersen

Music can make us feel energized, uplifted even motivated.

Some music may bring up a memory.

For me ‘The song for guy’ by Elton John always reminds me of seeing New Zealand for the first time from the airplane and experiencing this euphoric feeling of falling in love first sight with the country. When I arrived the second time to live here the song played again when the Airplane was landing. So the song evokes a feeling of joy, excitement and euphoria for me.

Your choice of music for your Vision Board is probably a very personal one and it may vary for each board depending what it is about.

Recording your own affirmations is possible with a voice recorder or Audacity(a free software allowing mixing). You can have the music and your spoken affirmations (or some of your favourite motivational speaker) play simultaneously and you can adjust the volume to have one louder or more quiet than the other.

Or you could just have music or spoken words as background sound.

The options for sound for your Vision Board are:

  • Only Music
  • Only Spoken words (i.e. affirmations or inspirations)
  • Music with spoken words equal sound
  • Music louder than spoken words
  • Spoken words louder than music
  • Two types of music (and/or include binaural beats)
  • No sound

Including binaural beats in your sound can have a very powerful effect because it can help with the reprogramming of the neural pathways by connecting the left and right brain. To find out more about the science behind binaural beats check out the following link.

Vision Board for realizing your Dreams
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Photo Credit: Milford Sound Kiwi Discovery Queenstown

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Nov 132011

View from the hill HBCVision Board posters with images of dreams and goals have become a popular tool for people.

The brain ‘thinks’ in pictures, that is why a visual representation of what we imagine is so powerful.

Since we now have technology available we can create Vision Boards on the computor with Publisher and or Photo Manipulation programs like GIMP (free) or Photoshop.

Microsoft Live Movie Maker allows us to add sound and turn the Vision Board into a movie.

There is now also an app for that. Jack Canfield created the free Success Vision Board app. The video below demonstrated how you can do this.

Areas for which a Vision Board can be used are:

  • Health (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, energy)
  • Abundance (of all things including Money and Time)
  • Business/Job
  • Relationships/Friendships

John Assaraf talks in the movie “The Secret” about how he used vision boards and ended up living in the house he had placed a picture on his board five years before.

Vision Board Tour

YouTube Preview Image

To read a post on visualization click here.

My next posts and Videos will be about:

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Including Sound recording with your Vision

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