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Himalayan Water and Salt SoleSole (Brine), the Himalayan Salt and Water Solution,
can be used in different concentrations from 1% to 26%

The previous post was about how to make Sole and
the benefits of
drinking one teaspoon in/with a glass or water.

26 % Sole Solution

  • Bruises, sprains
  • Insect bites
  • Herpes
  • Natural antibacterial quality
  • Soothing effect on skin
  • Ph balance of skin
  • Regulates storage of fatty tissue
  • Itching

1% Sole Solution

Dissolve 1 part salt in 100 parts of lukewarm water


  • Gargling for mouth, throat
  • Flushing sinuses (neti-pot)
  • Eye wash
  • Open wounds (up to 8% sole)

3-5 % Sole Solution

Soak cotton socks, wring ,wear and wrap in towel 60 minutes

  • Gout
  • Cold feet

3% to 10% Sole Wraps (Poultice)

  • Injuries to tissue
  • Joints
  • Cold thigh wraps for lowering fever

3% Sole Salt Shirt

Soak cotton T-Shirt,wring out, wear and wrap in towel

You will start to sweat after 30 minutes

60 to 90 min then shower

Helps with Flu and Fever


The suggestions in this post are from the book “Water & Salt” by Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira
It is advised to consult with your physician whether to use any of these application.

Himalayan Salt has lots of minerals and trace elements (84 Elements) and therefore is more beneficial than other salts.

Find out more about Salt and how to make Himalayan Sole
Watch the Video below
by Paul Rimmer a certified holistic nutritionist

YouTube Preview Image Read Salt versus Himalayan Salt here

For how to make various quantities of the different Sole Concentrations click here.

The Spice Lab’s Pure Himalayan Salt – Finely Ground .5mm (Affiliate link)

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  16 Responses to “Uses of Sole the Himalayan Salt Solution”

  1. Yorinda,
    I thought that once we know about the early part about salt, was more then enough.. BUT I was wrong, wow, this information about “Sole (Brine), the Himalayan Salt and Water Solution,
    can be used in different concentrations from 1% to 26%” is priceless.

    You are so helpful for all of us to get edi=ucated in taking care of our health…

    I like to thank you more and more for sharing… I though I knew a lot, but you proved me wronga nd I thank you.

    Love to learn more and more about health and health foods.

    Thanks again for sharing and look ofrward for more soon.

    nick catricala recently posted…Choose WiseMy Profile

  2. Yorinda, I am amazed to learn about all the healing properties of Himalayan salt. So simple and inexpensive! If only more people knew about these natural ways to help us heal and be well.
    Keep on sharing so more will be informed,
    Lynn Jones recently posted…How To Not Suck At SocializingMy Profile

  3. Thank you for providing this fascinating information Yorinda. Until your earlier post I’d never even heard of Himalayan Salt, and now I have learned so much about it’s amazing properties! The sole salt shirt is especially interesting. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Yorinda. This is interesting info. I was aware that Himalayan salt was a good product, but have never tried it…except I do have a candle holder made of the salt which I believe is supposed to release some of the salt’s goodness when I put a votive inside and burn it.

    Thanks for sharing. I love health info.

  5. Great idea!! I hadn’t thought of these great ways to use the Himalayan salt.. I might as well use them if I need to as I have that type of salt in my house! Something so simple can be so versatile! Thankd!

  6. Hi Yorinda,

    I am so glad you did another post on this. Although I’m familiar with this salt, I had no idea of the many uses of it. Fascinating stuff. Thank you for teaching us more about it. I have a big jar of it that I use for a few things, now I can apply it to the many other things you mentioned. Yippie….this makes me so happy.


  7. Hi Yorinda,

    I drink sole water and use Himalayan sea salt in my recipes and I did not know that you could use different strengths of the sole solution to heal so many other health conditions. HImalayan is truly a healing salt and I’m so glad that you are sharing the wonderful benefits on your blog. Thanks for posting the video too!

    Love and Light,

    Shelley Alexander recently posted…Chia Chocolate Pumpkin MousseMy Profile

  8. Hi Yorinda,
    your posts have become eye-openers to me. Thank you for this. I had no idea that salt can be used in so many ways. I think I will start using Himalayan salt as soon as I find it in the nearby malls. Or should I search for it on the web?

  9. Yorinda,

    I was going to make sole but the Himalayan salt I have is in capsule form. Then I realized I could open the capsules and pour the contents into water. Now you are providing so many additional uses for sole. Thanks for giving us a natural way to maintain our health and well being.



  10. Yorinda,

    I had no idea that Himalayan salt had so many uses. I opt for it every time I need salt at the table or in any of my cooking. I’d much rather have all the essential minerals it provides than just plain old table salt.

    I’ll have to try your remedies next time I have a need. Fortunately, haven’t had the need. And, now that we’re almost through the holiday party scene I’ll be getting back to my regular diet. LOL!

    Happy Holidays, Yorinda!

    Rick Lelchuk recently posted…Courage: Take That Leap!My Profile

  11. Yorinda,
    I like to mention to you that I contacted a friend in Canada who sells Himalayan Salt, most of what you mentioned here in this great article for us to learn as best as possible of the healthy benefits…

    Me and this friend worked together a few years a go and we marketed the Himalayan salt in many different ways and she become successful to the point that she needed to add another side of business and that was doing presentations and seminars… Now her sales are very high, but mostly because she is able to teach and share with people most of the benefits of this amazing mineral.

    I also shared your site with her… hope she will connect with you to join forces and make it even greater what ever both of you do with the salt.
    all the best.
    nick catricala recently posted…Choose WiseMy Profile

  12. Yorinda,

    I never realized that the Himalayan salt had so many healthful uses. Thanks for sharing these “recipes”. And I just never realized that “table salt” was heated so high, processed so much and that all the other natural electrolytes had been taken out of it making table salt a highly toxic substance.

    Thanks so much for sharing this information with us, cause it’s fascinating!!!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

    Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial recently posted…No More Mass Shootings on TV for MEMy Profile

  13. Hi Yorinda, can the salts be used similarly to bath salts? I have a bag of it here and I’m still not sure what to do with it. I have the sole liquid for consumption, and the crystals for other use. Although I’m not quite sure what other use is…
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Creating a better interview when podcastingMy Profile

  14. Tha’ts absolutely awesome i never knew that salt could be used for those things!! Great to know thank you very much!

    Regards, Jessica.

  15. What a Great Post Yorinda! I did miss your last one and I am going to read this next. Where do I find this Himalayan Salt? I had no idea salt was so healthy. Thanks for sharing Chery :)
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…What You Can Do For Others As An Online EntrepreneurMy Profile

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