Dec 292011

The Law of Attraction responds to our thoughts and feelings.

Sunrise with pink cloudsAffirmations can help establish new neural pathways through repetition of chosen thoughts.

Thinking, reading and hearing the thoughts we want to focus on makes a powerful combination for this reconditioning process.

Thoughts turn into feelings, beliefs and then into vibrations which then attract what we have been focusing on.

The more we believe it, the more we feel it and then we attract more of what we feel, believe and think.

Affirmations and power words help us to turn goals into reality.

Click here to read my article on Affirmations.

If we want to set smart goals we can look at what we don’t want and turn it into what we do want.

You can use the voice recorder to record your affirmations, which can then play in the background of you visual, moving images on the Vision Board.

The audio version of your affirmations combined with music can be a powerful combination of emotion and inspiration, which means you will attract what you want faster.

You could create all this with Windows Live Movie maker.

Another option is to us the free Success Vision Board App created by Jack Canfield. The video below shows how that can be done.

Vision Board tour

YouTube Preview Image

Vision Board for realizing your Dreams

Next Posts will be on:

Images for Vision Boards
Including Soundrecordings in Vision Boards

The ‘Vital affirmation’ website has lots of affirmation.

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  8 Responses to “Vision Board Part and Affirmations”

  1. Too bad there’s no Mac support but Windows version will go too)

  2. This is a nice post. i have read your article and watch the video to.. thank you
    Willie recently posted…How to Wash Your Buckwheat HullsMy Profile

  3. Great post It has a lot of info and interesting post!
    abegail recently posted…retractable window awningsMy Profile

  4. Yorinda,

    Great to hear about products and solutions that help others visualizing and creating affirmations.

    I look forward to reviewing more about this program.

    James | Empower Network recently posted…Empower Network: Is this the McDonalds of the Internet?My Profile

  5. Thanks for giving me a wonderful idea. But not for blogging- but present for my 2nd anniversary with my husband!!!I will let you know how it passed:)
    Anna recently posted…cosmetic bondingMy Profile

  6. Awesome post! I have been practicing this for many years. IT WORKS!!! Of course, sometimes I slack off, and forget to do it. This is a great reminder for me. This post will be so beneficial to people that are internet marketing because we all get caught up in the market. We forget that we need to relax and re-coup in order to reach higher levels. Thanks so much, Donna
    Donna Merrill recently posted…Develop Your Power – Part 1My Profile

  7. Hi Yorinda, the software looks great. I love using a vision board and saying my affirmations. I’ve learned many of them off by heart now, so I can even say them while I’m swimming. I’ve been doing a lot of brain re-training this year, and I love what it’s doing for me! Thanks for showing us your software.

    Regards from Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted…Attraction Marketing what is the key to using it?My Profile

  8. Hi Yorinda,
    this is a great software on vision boards.
    I recently found a more simple version of vision boards in the site of Oprah Winfrey.
    The problem with vision boards is that people create them and then they forget to watch them;)
    Our unconscious mind is made of programs,with repetition of the visual auditive and kinesthetic channels we reprogram our minds.
    I have my board created for 2013 on my desktop so that I remember to watch it, edit it and dream!
    Thanks for this precious share Yorinda.
    Best wishes.

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